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  • Thomas Grice Academy of Music (TGAM)

  • Lisa Gwyn (Soprano Opera Singer)

  • FS Media/Sound Fusion

  • Hypesociety

  • Ratmond Earl

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Private/Group Music Lessons (Ages 8+)

Saturdays 10am-12pm 

Private and group music lessons of the afro-Cuban jazz persuasion are available to students of all ages (Age 3-adult). The Thomas Grice Academy of Music offers classical as well as improvisational training methods coupled with music theory and ensemble-study to make learning to play musical instruments fun and exciting.

Kids Beatz Music Production

SATURDAYS 10am-12pm 

So you want to make music? You dream of becoming a world famous artist one day.  Don't you think it's time you get started? In this class you will learn a fun, easy way to make music help you on your road to superstardom using a fun music creating software called "Garage Band."

What will you learn you ask? You will be able to start and finish your own song by learning how to compose, record, mix and properly save your project using (NaC). Also, when your song is done you will learn how to download, upload, and convert your song to an mp3 file. That way  you can put it on your phone  and show off to your family and friends. First things first, let's get started.

Intro To Marching Band

A general overview of the components of marching band include music theory and instruction, music adaptation, instrument selection and placement, formation drills and other key elements. Participants will learn the importance of teamwork, syncopation, self-discipline, listening and moving upon command. 

West African Drumming

Participants will be introduced to a variety of percussion instruments that originated from the continent of Africa. Rhythms, tones, cultural references, preferences and significance will enable drummers to distinguish between different instruments and their sounds and the geographic locations from where they derived. Fun for all ages. Families are especially welcome and encouraged to attend together.   

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Private Voice Lessons (All Ages)

Individual training in a foundational voice techinique that crosses genres of music. Concepts include foundational breathing and support, projection, improving range, diction, coordination and perfromance. Basic Musicianship will be discussed to support learning and growth (note reading, rhythm, etc., key signatures).

Performance Coaching (All Ages)

(Individual or group) Tailored coaching for those preparing to perform or record in all genres of music. The emphasis is on vocal technique to include breathing, diction, projection, and phrasing. In addition style and performance skills will be refined. This is designed to improve confidence in presentation and studio time. **Presence at performance and/or recording in a producer is available at an additional fee per hour. 

Group Voice Lessons (All Ages)

(4 Person minimum) Training provided in foundational voice technique that crosses genres of music. Concepts include foundational breathing and support, projection, improvising range, diction, coodination and performance. Basic Musicianship will be discussed to support learning and growth (note reading, rhythm, etc., key signatures). Class sizes limited to 8-10 participants.

Musical Theatre & Popular Music

(4-person minimum) Exploration of current and past musical theater shows as well as popular music of today and previous eras. Strengthen vocal technique, build an appropriate repertoire list, improve music reading skills, learn how to excerpt the requisite 16 or 24 bars for auditions, and strengthen acting skills and movement. Students will also learn solo songs as well as sing and act in ensemble numbers. (Accompaniment tracks and sheet music provided)

Choir Workshop

To enhance the musical preparation, vocal production and ministry of a choir. There will be emphasis on foundational breathing and support, projection, improving range, diction, coordination and peformance. Any style of choral singing can be performed. This can be taught in house or as a consultant basis at the church (travel expenses will be assesses i more than 10 miles one way.) A minimum of 3 sessions/rehearsals is recommended for favorable results. Choir director and a pianist, at minimum, to participate and provide accompaniment.   

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