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Michael Clay
Heidi Cruz-Austin
Timothy Robinson
Angelo Risoldi
Tina Dent
Lisa Gwyn (Vocal/Theatre)
Franklin Sanchez
Raymond Earl
Michael Troutman
Wenona Brookes
Tyrone Gaskins
Angeline Dean_edited
Michael Ray
David Austin (Dance)
Felicia Cruz (Ballet, Contemporary)
Lorna Lorraine
Carolyn Watson-Johnson_edited
Rashad Malik Davis
Sherri Anderson
Frank Bridgewater (Theatre Fine Art)
Ivey Avery.jpg
Quenten A. Couch_edited
Len Pucciati 2_edited.jpg
Dianna Jennings (photo)_edited.jpg
Michael D. Smith.jpg
Roy Richardson
Leticia Letty Acevedo
Bentrice Jusu (Film/Fine Art)
Handheld Camera

Who We Are

We're Actors and Musicians, Dancers and Choreographers, Chefs, Writers and Publishers, Fine and Fiber Artists, Digital Animators and Graphic Artists, Vocalists and Storytellers, Filmmakers, Authors, Producers, Fashion Designers and Photographers, Composers, Illustrators,  Computer Technicians and Media  Engineers. 


We are non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, cultural teaching artists and performers, educators, experienced professional working artists, event planners. WE'RE COMPAS!


COMPAS is an ever-growing, ever-evolving body of passionate and committed leaders in their crafts, and rich in diversity, culture, creativity and limitless ideas.

Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts Society (COMPAS) is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to promoting the arts; mainly by funding and advocating for local artists, awarding prizes, and organizing arts events.

What We Do

Not Just A Slave (logo).jpg

We instruct, perform, present and provide workshops, arts-education residencies and seminars. We plan, organize, collaborate and work with schools, other organizations to strengthen the impact of our "Arts Council" on the community and artist, to integrate arts and culture in all aspects of community life, and cultivate a sustainable and diverse cultural community for the people of Trenton, NJ and surrounding areas.


COMPAS Teaching and Performing Artists are prepared to serve all segments of populations in an effort to combat a number of social ills that plague our capitol city directly and intentional way. With the help of various social service, civic, faith-based, community and social organizations throughout the Trenton and Tri-state area, unique and creative artistic measures are taken to address a host of community interests that will enable the revitalization of an city one person at a time. 


Lisa Daltirus 2.jpg

Lisa (Daltirus) Gwyn

Soprano Opera Vocalist

Angeline Dean_edited.jpg

Angeline Dean


Rashad Malik Davis.jpg

Rashad Malik Davis




Where We Are 

Our COMPAS home base is conveniently located in the heart of New Jersey's Capital City at The Conservatory Mansion. It is easily accessible via major highways and railways. And now, as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, SOME of our artists have also gone VIRTUAL! 


COMPAS Teaching and Performing Artists provide services primarily in the Trenton area, but also travel outside the city limits to spread their gifts and talents.   



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