When it comes investing your tax-deductible charitable donation, boy do we have options for you (and plenty of them)!


1) How Much will you invest?

2) How Many will benefit?

3) How Far will it reach?

4) How Often will you give?

GIVING made simple

Giving Trenton area youth, adults, senior citizens and families a chance to dream, to be inspired, to try their hand at and broaden their perspective through the arts, not only leaves a lasting impression on those that participate, but also benefit COMPAS Artists. COMPAS supports arts venues everywhere. You can donate single or group tickets to performances, workshops, exhibits, museums, tours and the like. Check here often to find out about upcoming arts and cultural activities available for sponsorhip opportunities.

COMPAS has so much to offer our community--- ESPECIALLY organizations that serve youth, adults and senior citizens--- that work with minimal budgets that hinder them from benefiting. Here's where you can help. 

We all know that it takes money to plan, market and host events. Become an individual of group sponsor. See your options.

Whether making a one-time or recurring donation will support of any amount, we assure you it will be one of the best decisions you've ever made!






Thank you for giving 20 children the gift of arts classes.

Give Any Amount



For a current listing of our COMPAS Charitable Giving Opportnities, be sure to visit our website often.