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Cut. Paste. Stamp. Sew. Fold. Stencil. Emboss. Draw. Paint. Sculpt. Our COMPAS mixed-media classes and workshops are a fun and interesting way to let your creativity run wild! Choose your tool(s). Try different techniques. Perhaps you'll discover a new hobby or business opportunity. Get inspired and get to crafting, sewing, painting or whatever tickles your fancy!   


Stamping & Embossing 101 (Age 5+)

This class teaches the basic techniques of rubber stamping. Get incredibly colorful images using brush markers, chalks and more. There are so many things you can do with embossing powder. Learn the basics of embossing, rainbow embossing, and ultra-think embossing.

Card-Making 101 (Age 6+)

If you've never made cards before then you don't know what you're missing. Making your own greeting cards is a wonderful hobby that you can enjoy. We will provide step-by-step directions and cover all aspects of card-making using rubber stamps and scrap-booking supplies.

Alcohol Ink Techniques

Discover amazing alcohol ink backgrounds, mono prints and altered surface ideas. Use alcohol inks to resemble the look of polished stone on your cards and more.

Alphabetz (Ages 6+)

How do you spell "artisitic expression?" With letters of course, justbe prepare to use all 26. Make five fun cards using various alphabets and techniques.

Backgrounds in the Foreground (Ages 6+)

Learn how to create different style backgrounds using various tools such as brayers, sponges, stipple brushes, stencils and stamps. You'll never have to worry about all that white space on your cards again.

Dominoes-Techniques, Tips and Tricks (Ages 6+)

If you want to know anything and everything about decorating this is your chance. There are various ways to decorate dominoes. From paints to sharpies and more, you will use different products to get different results.

For the Sheer Fun if it (Age 6+)

People often find the vellum challenging. In this class we will explore all kinds of beautiful techniques for enhancing your cards with this magical sheer paper.

Jewelry-Making 101

Making glorious Iacquered petite art pieces with stamped images, wire and beads and other adornments. Get as creative as your innovative mind allows. The goal here is to create custom jewelry to your liking or for that special someone.

Four Books in a Box

This class introduces book-blinding techniques that involve measuring accurately, folding and cutting precisely, sewing and gluing neatly. Four basic book structures - accordion, hardcover pamphlet, dos a'dos, and a stab hound - will be made as matching set and enclosed in a simple poster board box.

Gypsy Notions

We all love embellishments these days and we want to show you more ways to use them. In this class you will make several unique and beautifully adorned cards with buttons, wire, eyelets and other notion.

H2O and All That Glitters (All Ages)

Water is a medium of art that refreshes your senses. Is it possible to make your projects shimmer without getting glitter on every surface o your workspace? This class will explore all things pearly, sparkly, glittery and "glimmer" so you can choose the right products to get the effects you want.  


Shrink Art Basics

Learn the dos and don'ts when it comes to working with shrink plastic. We will walk you through which inks work best, what color with and how to keep your shrink art form curling.

Tag Madness

Not sure what to do with all those shipping tags? We'll show you how to combine tags together to create a wonderful artisitc book. Your book can be filled with sentiments, quotes or stories combined with stamped images to express your creativity. And of course, there are loads of cool embellishments too.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ever worry if some colors look too bright or gaudy for your design? Create different effects using a variety of inks and fun materials to make your cards stand out.

Tools of Fun

Come and try out many the most commonly-used tools and supplies in the craft industry. This class gives you a chance to "Try before you buy!"


With One Stamp

In this "One-derful" class, we will show you various ways to use one stamp to create many different looks. This is a great class or those who have already taken Stamping 101.

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Basic Sewing 101/Fashion Sketching 1

Discover how to transform designer sketches or pictures of outifts into real garments. Learn how to work the pre-made patterns using basic techniques in the construction of summer wear. Sewing techniques--including cutting, contruction, and finishing--are explored to create finished garments in cotton or cotton-type fabrics. 

Draping 101

Most sewing patterns are made from a basic bodice (top) and skirt. The class teaches how to measure and drape a basic front and back bodice and front and back skirt pattern on a manikin in muslin, which then can be transferred into a flat paper pattern. Once mastering the draping technique, a designer is then able to take and drape a basic pattern from any measurement. Note: Participants must supply their own manikins (and other required materials) and a basic knowledge o garment construction is recommended.

Fashion Styling & Trends

Create modd/style boards for their portolio, highlighting the current fashion mode for clothing, celebrity and the aesthetic qualities of texture, color and pattern. Use fabric to coordinate a look or mood by selecting colors and designs for applications in apparel, home furnishings, and decortive items. Forecast the next season's trends.


Learning Your Fabrics

By class end, participants will be able to identify fabrics by sight and touch and know which fabrics should be used for.

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Life In Colour

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What To Do With A Pencil

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Getting Into The Picture

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