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Untapped, undeveloped and underdeveloped talent and creativity partnered together with experienced professional working artists, artisans and arts organizations is the key to bringing about innovative and collaborative arts projects, programs, performances and events for the entire community to enjoy.”

–Jacqui Ivey (COMPAS Founder/Visionary)

Meet COMPAS Founder/Visionary - Jacqui Ivey


Trenton native, wife and mother of two budding artists, Jacqui remembers taking piano lessons in the very place she now does her daily COMPAS work. When she and her husband Sterick purchased the former "Trenton Conservatory of Music" building back in June of 2005, her desire to build upon the rich history of its prior owners as well as her vision to help revitalize New Jersey's Capital City using the arts, in particular the block on which the Conservatory Mansion (AKA The Conservatory (NJ)), rests. Meanwhile, Sterick envisioned transforming the space into a "classy, sit-down soul food restaurant,"

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